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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Week of 1/21 - 1/24

This week in social studies, we will continue our study of the history of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention.  To do this, I have created a presentation on which students will take guided C-notes (handout provided in class).  We will break up the note-taking with short videos & review games.  I have put a link to the presentation on the right side of the page, under classroom links, call "Creating the Constitution Presentation".  If your student misses a day, they can take the notes they missed from the presentation.

Here is the weekly breakdown:

Monday, January 13, 2020

Week of 1/13 - 1/17

This week in Social Studies, we will be wrapping up our project from last week on Lesser-known heroes of the Revolutionary War, and we will be moving on to our unit on the Constitution and Civics.  This is one of my favorite units of the year because I feel that having an understanding of how our government is structured is crucial to becoming informed citizens. 

To start this unit, we will go over a little about the backstory of the Constitution - the Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention.  It is important to understand the framers' state of mind and the context of what was going on in the fledgling nation to understand certain decisions that were made in the writing of the Constitution.

Here is the weekly breakdown (barring any unforeseen snow days...):
  • Monday 
    • Finish creating Slideshows
    • Partner 1: Slides 1-4 (Intro, Early Life, Who they were, Accomplishments)
    • Partner 2: Slides 5-8 (Hero, Final Years, Interesting facts, Conclusion)
  • Tuesday
    • Share slideshows with class
  • Wednesday
    • Finish slideshow sharing (if necessary)
    • Begin Constitutional Convention 
  • Thursday
    • Constitutional Convention (presentation & notes)
  • Friday
    • Constitutional Convention, continued

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Week of 1/7 - 1/10

Apologies for the late post!  I am apparently out of the habit after winter break. 

Welcome to 2020!

This week in Social Studies, we are mainly working on a small project (in partner groups) in which students research and create a presentation on a lesser-known hero from the revolutionary war.  For a detailed description of the project, go to this link:

We will be working on the project all this week, and the presentations will be due Monday.  Students will share their slides with the class on Tuesday next week (1/14)

Here is the weekly breakdown:
  • Monday - NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday
    • Welcome back & review
    • Review Ch. 7 Tests & John Adams
  • Wednesday
    • Intro Project (choose partner & person to research)
    • Begin Notes
  • Thursday
    • Finish Notes/research
    • Begin creating slideshow
  • Friday
    • Create slideshow
    • HW: Finish any notes & research over weekend, if necessary.  
    • HW: Work on Google Slide, if necessary.  Due Tuesday 1/14.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Week of 12/16 - 12/20

This week in social studies, we are preparing for and taking a test on the American Revolution.  Monday and Tuesday will be wrapping up the chapter notes and reviewing/preparing for the test.  Wednesday, we will take the test.  Then Thursday and Friday we will relax with some content-related videos (I have yet to determine exactly what we will watch, but I am thinking clips from the HBO series "John Adams")

Here is the weekly breakdown:
  • Monday
    • Finish Reading Notes 7 (HOMEWORK - READING NOTES due WEDNESDAY)
    • Quizlet and/or begin study guide
  • Tuesday
    • Study Guide
    • Review Game/Test prep (Quizizz)
  • Wednesday
    •  Ch. 7 American Revolution Final Test
    • Turn in Study Guide & Reading Notes
  • Thursday & Friday (shortened classes)
    • Test makeups/wrap up work (as necessary)
    •  John Adams and/or Hamilton

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Week of 12/9 - 12/13

This week in social studies, we will be focusing on reading about the American Revolution.  We will be reading Chapter 7 from the History Alive textbook.  Students will start by finishing the Important Places C-Notes we started last week, then will have some more in-depth reading notes in which students will read the text closely, answer questions, then connect our Capture the Flag game from last week to what actually happened in history.

Here is the weekly breakdown:
  • Monday
    • Finish "Important Places" C-Notes 
    • HW: C-Notes due Friday 12/13
  • Tuesday
    • Begin Ch. 7 American Revolution & Reading Notes
    • 7.1 - 7.3
  • Wednesday
    • 7.4 - 7.5
  • Thursday
    • 7.6 - 7.7
  • Friday
    • 7.8 & Finish Notes
    • Turn in Important Place C-Notes

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Week of 12/3 - 12/6

This week in Social Studies, we will be starting our next chapter, over the Revolutionary War.  In particular, we will start with a preview of the chapter by completing C-Notes on the Important Places mentioned in the chapter, where important events occurred during the Revolutionary War.  Students will also get a chance to act out the major battles of the war through a game of Capture the Flag!

One important note: I decided to extend the deadline for the Children's Illustrated Declaration of Independence until Thursday 12/5.  This will give students a chance to check in with their partners, and will give an extra couple days to finish if they were sick last week.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Here is the weekly breakdown:
  • Monday - NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday
    • Turn in Project (if done) - deadline extension: Project due Thursday 12/5
    • Review Ch. 6 Final Test
    • Set up Ch. 7 Important Places C-Notes
  • Wednesday
    • Capture the Flag Re-enactment
  • Thursday
    • Work on Ch. 7 Important Places C-Notes
  • Friday
    • Naviance w/ Scott Pierce, Counselor
Looking ahead to next week...
Monday 12/9 - working on C-Notes (due Wednesday 12/12) & Ch. 7 Reading Notes

Monday, November 25, 2019

Week of 11/25 - 11/27

This short week in social studies is going to be packed with important stuff (like the stuffing in a turkey)!  We will be starting off the week with one more class period to work on the Children's Illustrated Declaration of Independence project.  The final draft of this project will be due next week, after the long weekend, Tuesday 12/3.  This week, we will also be reviewing for, and taking, the Final Test over the Declaration of Independence.  For this test, students are allowed to use the notes they have been working on over the last couple weeks that we've been working.  The Test will take place on Wednesday 11/27, and I will also be collecting the reading notes and the study guide.

Here's the weekly breakdown:
  • Monday 11/25
    • Last Day to work on Children's Illustrated D.o.I.
    • HW: Project due Tuesday 12/3
  • Tuesday 11/26
    • D.o.I. Study Guide
    • Kahoot/Quizlet Review
    • HW: Study Guide & Reading Notes due Wednesday 11/27
  • Wednesday 11/27
    • D.o.I. FINAL TEST
      • Turn in study guide & reading notes
    • HW: Children's D.o.I. 
    •  Project due Tuesday 12/3
  • Thursday - NO SCHOOL
  • Friday - NO SCHOOL
Have a Happy Thanksgiving ATA Families!