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Monday, October 14, 2019

Week 10/14 - 10/18

This week in social studies, our goal is to finish reading Chapter 5, on the events leading up to the American Revolutionary War.  We have an odd schedule with students going on the 8th grade Forest field trip on different days of the week, so students will be working in pairs to read the chapter and complete the reading notes. 

We will end the week with a lesson from our school counselor, Scott, on Naviance, a college- and career-readiness program.

Here is the weekly breakdown.  I have it broken down into 4 days for the week, assuming students will be attending the field trip on one day. 
  • Day 1
    • Finish 5.4
    • Read 5.5 - 5.6 & Notes
  • Day 2
    • 5.7 - 5.8 & Notes
  • Day 3
    • Finish all Reading Notes & check answers
    • Begin Study Guide
  • Friday
    • Naviance, with school counselor Scott

Monday, October 7, 2019

10/7 - 10/9

During this short week in social studies, we will be delving into chapter 5 of the History Alive textbook, about the events that led up to the American Revolution. 

The textbook is available for checkout in the classroom, or you can use the links on the right side of this page.  Scroll down to find "History Alive Chapters".  The link will take you to a PDF of the chapter.  If you are on your phone and don't see any links, scroll to the very bottom and click "View Web Version".  That should allow you to see the links.

Weekly Breakdown:
  • Monday
    • Finish Vocabulary C-Notes (handout in class)
    • HW: C-Notes due Wednesday 10/9
  • Tuesday
    • Begin reading Ch. 5
    • 5.1 - 5.3 & reading notes (handout in class)
  • Wednesday
    • 5.3 - 5.4 & reading notes
  • Thursday - NO SCHOOL
  • Friday - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Week of 9/30 - 10/4

This week in social studies, we are wrapping up with last week's activities, then preparing for the next chapter, which will be from the textbook, History Alive.  I also want to give a brief overview of the 13 British colonies as they were in the 1700s.  Then, we will be skipping ahead in time a bit, to the year 1760 or so and the lead up to the revolutionary war.  Before we start reading, though, students will preview the chapter with an assignment I call Vocabulary C-Notes.  For this assignment, students will receive a set of academic vocabulary from the chapter which they must find in the chapter, write a definition, then either write a sentence or draw a picture to represent that word (or DO BOTH for extra credit!).

Here is the weekly breakdown:
  • Monday 9/30
    • Colonial Map of Area now-known-as United States
  • Tuesday 10/1
    • Finish Ch. 2 Reading Notes (checked in class)
    • Work on Map
      • HW: Map due Thursday 10/3
  • Wednesday 10/2
    • BrainPOP Videos: Thirteen Colonies & Building the 13 Colonies
    • Thursday 10/3
      • Ch. 5 PreTest & Activity
      • Begin/Set up Ch. 5 Vocab C-Notes
    • Friday 10/4
      • Work on Vocab C-Notes
        • These are not homework yet, we will spend some more class time working on them next week

    Monday, September 23, 2019

    Week of 9/23 - 9/27

    This week in social studies, after reviewing the answers to "How Much Do We Know", we will continue with the next chapter in Howard Zinn's "Young People's History of the United States".  This next chapter is called "Black and White" and considers the origins of slavery and racism in the US. 

    Students will also create a simple map of the area we now consider the US, but instead of states, it shows American Indian cultural regions and names some of the tribes original locations.  For extra credit, students can choose a tribe to learn more about through research.  Research report sheets are available in the classroom.

    Homework Reminders:
    • "How Much Do We Know" due Monday 9/23!
    • American Indian Map due Friday 9/27
    Here is the weekly breakdown:
    • Monday
      • American Indian Cultural Regions & Tribes Map
      • "How Much Do We Know"  (HMDWK)
        • Check HW
        • Answers Revealed
    • Tuesday
      • HMDWK percentages (create class percentages)
      • Work on American Indian Map
      • Begin Young People's History Ch. 2 "Black and White"
    • Wednesday
      • Young People's History Ch. 2 "Black and White" & Reading Notes
    • Thursday 
      • Finish Young People's History Ch. 2 "Black and White" & Reading Notes
    • Friday
      • Jog-a-thon means 27 minute classes - Agenda TBD

    Sunday, September 15, 2019

    Week of 9/16 - 9/20

    This week in social studies, we will be reviewing a bit about the early exploration and colonization of the Americas, with a focus on the perspective of the people who were living here before Europeans arrived.  We will take a brief look at the variety of Native American tribes that were living throughout the nation and how they have influenced our country today.  We will also read about the Arawak Indians who were living in the West Indies when Columbus arrived, and how European colonization affected their lives and culture.  To do this, we will use a mixture of sources including BrainPOP, TedEd videos, Howard Zinn's "Young People's Guide to US History", and lessons from Stanford History Education Group website (SHEG).

    Also, a couple important due dates to know:
    • Snapshot Autobiography Brochure & Interview - due Friday 9/20
    • "What do we Know?" Pretest (give quiz to 5 other people) - Due Monday 9/23 
    Here is my (hopeful) breakdown of the week's activities:
    • Monday 9/16
      • "What do we Know" Pretest (HW due Monday 9/23)
      • BrainPOP American Indians
      • US Map
    • Tuesday 9/17
      • Constitution Day - Iriquois Nation Video
      • Young People's Guide: Columbus & the Indians: Section 1 & Child Sailors Inset
    • Wednesday 9/18
    • Thursday 9/19
    • Friday 9/20
      • Turn in Snapshot Autobiography Brochure & Interview - DISCUSS
      • Lesson: Lunchroom Fight
        • Viewing history from multiple perspectives

    Tuesday, September 10, 2019

    Week of 9/9 - 9/13

    It's the first full week of school in the 2019 - 2020 school year!  This week in social studies, we will be reviewing class routines and expectations, and students will work on a project to get the year started - a "snapshot" autobiography brochure. 

    In this project, students will be asked to think of 4 significant events or moments from their childhood.  They will then create a tri-fold brochure which includes a title page, an "about the author" page, and a brief story about each event.

    The key to this project is that they must choose at lease one event that someone else (who is still in their life) was present for.  After writing the description of the event, they must then interview one person who was there or was involved in that moment.

    How do different people remember the same event from the past?  How does a different perspective alter or change a story?  How can we possibly know what actually happened in the past?  Are personal stories enough, or do we need to go elsewhere to find out what happened?  These are some key takeaways from this project.

    And now, here is the weekly breakdown:
    • Monday
      • Social Studies Student Survey (on Google Classroom)
      • Take Notes: Class Routines & Expectations presentation (on Google Classroom) 
      • HW: Signed Syllabus due Friday 9/13
    • Tuesday
      • Review Routines & Expectations
      • Intro Autobiography project/brainstorm ideas
    • Wednesday
      • Create Autobiography Brochure
    • Thursday
      • Finish Autobiography Brochure
      • HW: Snapshot biography - Another perspective due Friday 9/20.  Interview/take notes (handout) another person involved (see project description above)
    • Friday
      • Lesson: Lunchroom Fight

    Sunday, September 8, 2019


    Welcome to 8th grade social studies at ATA!  Below is a link to view the class syllabus.  This was handed out to students on Thursday, September 5th.  Attached to the syllabus is a simple form for parents to sign.  Please read through the syllabus with your student, sign, and have them bring it back by Friday September 13th.

    The first short week of Social Studies was mostly reviewing class expectations and playing some icebreaker games. 

    8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus